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Anonymous said: Massive potholes in season 2. In episode 15 gossip girl sends out a blast saying that Dan and Serena share a sibling when Dan is trying to keep the secret from Serena -this one I GUESS kinda makes sense because he's having a hard time keeping it from her but it's one thing to tell just her and another to embarrass both of them in front of everyone.

I just recently rewatched season 2! There are so many plotholes that I can’t even.

Why couldn’t Gossip Girl been Kristen Bell, like the voiceovers and it ends with her turning her head, while she’s on a laptop at some cafe, or even just talking on the phone and her saying and walking down the street “you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl” and that was how the show ended! Thats how I envisioned since day one, and such a wasted opportunity!

virginityclub said: i have a good one - why were chuck and nate taking the bus in the first episode? it's obvious they dont approve lol

We’ve gotten this a million times. 

It’s the pilot. When looking for plotholes, don’t look at the pilot. Pilots are filmed months before the 2nd episode.

esotericfashion said: don't you think that what dan did being gg is the same that he did by writing insider? bad mouthing everyone he is supposedly close to. I think this is the only thing that makes it a bit more believable.

Uhm, except Inside was some kind of diary story that wasn’t supposed to be seen by anybody but Dan… and Gossip Girl is public. And since the beginning. And his whole relationship with Serena takes a terrible, creepy, stalkerish turn?

Anonymous said: For the anon. The point is Dan was never supposed to be GG until the last minute, which is made clear by many things.

Thank you.

Anonymous said: Everyone keeps mentioning about how Dan would react by himself, which makes total sense that it's kind of weird, but at the same time we're watching a SHOW. Come on, if he had never reacted alone it would have been obvious he was GG! Especially if they planned this from the beginning. TV Shows can only be so realistic without giving plots away and stuff like that.

If you were Gossip Girl would be acting all shocked and surprised IN YOUR OWN BEDROOM? I think not.

Dan being Gossip Girl is dumb, always has been and always will be.

funnyshaylove said: I just noticed this, in eipsode 1x01 Blair's mother isn't played by Margaret Colin...

Yeah that happens all the time with shows, not just Gossip Girl! They must have recast her, or Margaret wasn’t available time of shooting the pilot.