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Anonymous said: "as much as a bff can make you go wtf, there's no denying we'd be a little less rich without them. and serena and blair they do besties better than anyone... no that's not a tear in my eye, that's allergies." no srsly how could dan come up with that.

im loling irl

hearing the old blasts and picturing dan reading them is brilliant


You know she loves me. XOXO. Gossip Dan.

Anonymous said: Theory: Gossip Girl is NOT Dan, but Dan knows who she/he is. With GG's approval (blackmail may or may not be involved) Dan outs himself so his friends can be like "OMG DAN YOU'RE SO CONNIVING YOU'RE JUST LIKE US" which is what he's wanted all along, but he never found a good way to do it. Meanwhile, we STILL don't know who GG is. BOOM. Movie.

i think the world may actually end foreal if they made a gossip girl movie

Anonymous said: I would so buy the GG series box set if they had Penn Badgley replace all of Kristen Bells voiceovers on the show, wouldn't you?


pretty sure i might just rewatch the series if penn badgley replaced all of kristen bells voiceovers


Every Gossip Girl blast {1x01}

Anonymous said: Just want comment on your reply to that one anon. "And sweetie, she didn’t “change” during the dair arc, she grew up. You should try it." BURNNNNNNNNNNNN I want to use a gif from ttbt where Sheldon said, do you need some aloe vera bc you just got burned.

Chair fans who believe she changed with Dan just lol (I’d imagine you’d all change if you went through all the shit Blair did, so stfu)

Blair regressed far more than her season 1 self in season 6, and I laugh at anyone who thinks she returned to her original self. No she did not. Se acted like a spoiled, whiny, brat. Yes she was those things in season 1 BUT SHE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL THEN. SHE WAS A GROWN ASS WOMAN IN SEASON 6. Time to grow the fuck up.

(I just wanted to respond to that other ask as I got no chance to as I was busy)
~ C

Gossip Dan Slips Up: Season 1, Episode 4 (‘Bad News Blair’)






Anonymous said: Oh so Blair was the worst in season 6 because she finally got back to her original ass self. Get the hell out.. it was pretty obvious she was going to end up with Chuck since the beginning so idk why Dair fans are so surprised, thinking she's changed. The only time she's changed was during her Dan arc, which has been established long ago.

I’m not sure why this comment is even here.

Are we’re dair fans. Yes. Have we complained about them not being endgame on this blog? No.

And imo yes Blair changed back to her season 1 self, but if you think who she was in high school is who she is supposed to be her entire life i feel bad for ya.

And sweetie, she didn’t “change” during the dair arc, she grew up. You should try it.